CRYOSPHERE 6 Hour Cold Massage Roller Ball

$59.99 $48.99
  • Reduce Inflammation.
  • Speed up recovery by breaking down scar tissue.
  • Helps treat Tennis Elbow, Golfer's elbow, Hamstring strain, and many other aches and pains after training.


Join the advantages of Ice and Massage in one single item. Place your Cryosphere in the cooler for 2 hours and utilize your Cryosphere for as long as 6 hours of super cold muscle alleviation. Our patent-forthcoming 2 out of 1 plan permits the client to get to the free-moving Cryosphere for versatility and all out body use.

Utilize the Cryosphere over your whole body to quicken and recuperate harmed or aroused muscles and wounds. Increment blood and lymphatic stream utilizing trigger point myofascial discharge.

Alleviate muscle fits, firmness or joint torment. Help separate scar tissue and improve lactic corrosive development. Battle muscle weariness, torment, snugness, touchiness and bunches while advancing common pressure alleviation.